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Okay, I admit that just printing some text won’t make you a programmer (see my previous post). But what’s so cool about Smalltalk? The first thing I couldn’t believe of were keyword messages. (more…)


First steps

Posted: 2011/06/15 in programming
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Getting GNU Smalltalk installed is a very easy process, as it comes with your favourite Linux / Unix flavour and due to the MacPorts¬†Project even on the Mac. It’s possible that the version provided by your operating system of choice is a bit outdated, so you may should download the latest stable sources from the GNU Smalltalk website and build it for yourself. (more…)

I’m a professional Programmer and dealing with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and SQL day-to-day. PHP does its job well, PHP is easy to use, fast (for an interpreted scripting-language) and has many many features and extensions.

Programming-languages in generell are interesting to me, so I was curious if there is a language which is really object-oriented and I discovered Smalltalk, from which I heard as an ancient language in some podcasts.