So what’s that all about?

Posted: 2011/06/09 in programming
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I’m a professional Programmer and dealing with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and SQL day-to-day. PHP does its job well, PHP is easy to use, fast (for an interpreted scripting-language) and has many many features and extensions.

Programming-languages in generell are interesting to me, so I was curious if there is a language which is really object-oriented and I discovered Smalltalk, from which I heard as an ancient language in some podcasts.

burning balloon

Hope my first steps will not end in that manner ;-)

Looking around for still maintained Smalltalk distributions, I saw that Smalltalk is still active! At first I was (and still am!) confused about the IDE thing. Where are the files? What about line numbers? What’s that image thing? How to save and execute your programm? In contrast GNU Smalltalk looked more familiar. You can edit your files with your favourite editor (Vim, for example ;-)) and can add a shebang line to make that file interpretable by the shell. It comes with a free license (GPL) and runs well under Linux (my favourite OS). So I decided to learn GNU Smalltalk :-)

For sure I will also have a look at Pharo, which comes in a more traditional Smalltalk way with IDE and so on, but first things first!

Please look at this blog as some kind of personal notes, not a tutorial or learning course. I will make mistakes for sure and not everything written here will fit your needs :-)

  1. dubst3pp4 says:

    Just realized that there is an inactive but nevertheless interesting blog with the same name:

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